For Sellers

RE/MAX ONE is your marketing agent and your sales agent. To achieve the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time we provide the following:

We evaluate all available comparable current, past, and future data in order to price the property accurately.  It doesn't stop there- as the property/project dictates, we are highly capable in investment financial evaluation including cap rate, net present value and internal rate of return.  All of this leads to the best possible outcomes for Sellers who become our clients. 

We advise on positioning, staging, designing, and showcasing your property.

We provide high-quality photos, floor plans, collateral materials, videos, and mailers.

We provide advertising and marketing campaigns throughout media, real estate portals, multiple listings system, broker networks, social media, search engine optimization, direct email marketing campaigns, direct mailing campaigns, and much more. This ensures maximum exposure for the property, which leads to the highest price possible for your property.

We qualify potential buyers, negotiate your best interest and walk you through every step of the transaction including inspections, title work, coordination of closing dates, and coordinating between the professionals involved.

For Buyers

Information: We have extensive exclusive databases and access our local MLS system to provide every available property in Garden City, Holcomb, Finney County, and beyond.

Updates:  The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes.  We are here continually staying on top of the market changes and news.  That alone is a full-time job.  You benefit from working with us because of our working knowledge of our markets, which allow you to make the best decisions possible for yourselves and your businesses.

Brokerage Relationships:  We do offer Buyer Agency agreements, which means that we have a fiduciary responsibility to you.  We help you through every step of the process. We will advise you and help guide the negotiation getting you the best property, at the best pricing with the least amount of hassles.

Ancillary Services - RE/MAX ONE has the ability to connect you to an extensive group of professionals, as needed.  Including referrals out to attorneys, mortgage consultants, contractors, home builders, property inspectors, and every possible vendor you might need for a smooth and successful process.